Ten Reasons to Choose a EC Certified Coach

1 Safety & First Aid Trained in procedures, coaches hold a valid First Aid certificate which must be kept up to date for the coach to stay current.

2 Criminal Record Check
Every certified coach recommended by HCBC must have a criminal record check to help ensure the safety of the students.

3 Professional & Accountable
– Certified coaches are professionals who are expected to adhere to strict standards of the profession. Written complaints about coaches are addressed by the Executive Committee of HCBC..

4 Commitment Becoming certified requires significant time and financial commitment on the part of the candidate.

5 Consistence and Upgrading
Through the evaluation and testing process they are taught and are tested on consistent skills. Coaches must upgrade their knowledge to stay certified therefore keeping skills fresh and current.

6 Knowledge and Technical Competence Applicant coaches are evaluated and tested by qualified personnel. Applicants are required to show their technical ability as well as having theoretical knowledge.

7 Stable Management
Coaches have learned and been tested on more than just technical skills, they are capable of teaching every aspect of horsecare.

8 Sport Specific Coaches are evaluated and certified in the area of their expertise.

9 Theory Certified Coaches know how to coach. Coaches support all aspects of the sport, not just the technical skill. Successful completion of National Coaching Certification Program
is a requirement at each level.

10 Resources Certified coaches have all the resources at the EC & HCBC available for them to upgrade, educate and learn.