Steps to adding Images to Your Gallery

1) Login to the Dashboard
2) Go to Media > Add New

3) Drag and drop all of the images you are adding
4) scale each image down to around 600 px X whatever the other dimension is
5) Go back to dashboard
6) Go to Pages > All Pages
7) Click on the ‘Edit’ link for the Gallery Page
8) Scroll to the module (block) that is labeled ‘Gallery’ for whichever gallery you are adding to
9) Click on Update Gallery
*Notice that I have set the number of images to 16, that means no more than 16 will show in the gallery unless you change that number (if you have more than 16 images in your galley)
10) Click on Add to Gallery
11) Click on the images you want to add, then click Add Image
12) Make sure you update the page when you are done.